photographs by Gabriella Marks

SUMMARY: Article about Heid Loewen & her porcelain clients and commissions that appeared in the Santa Fean Aug-Sept 2015.
AUTHOR: Eve Tolpa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Gabriella Marks

CULINARY ARTISTRY – Feasting for the eye and body delights collectors


We have a saying in the pottery world… If you can pot, you can cook. I have never met a fellow ceramic artist who wasn’t an extremely inventive cook. The Santa Fean Magazine came up with a great concept, thanks to the painter Roseta Santiago. The idea was for a few chosen artists to treat their favorite clients and collectors with a marvelously cooked dinner by the artist, in their home. The Santa Fean Magazine would photograph the entire event.

Just like a cobbler, my best ceramic sculptures and smoked platters are at my gallery.

Hence, a champagne and cocktail reception at my Porcelain Gallery on Johnson Street, down the road from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, followed by a six course dinner at my home. I often invite collectors to help create sculptures with me. I let them slice, then curl and furl their large commissioned pieces at the gallery.I do a similar thing at my home for dinner. I invite my guess to help chop, stir, and offer advice on how to cook.

We laugh a lot, especially with good wine.

We had a marvelous group of folks: Rob Kret, Director of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, his lovely wife Tedi, and their brilliant son, Lukas, my ceramic intern for a number of years, before going off to college. The always effervescent, Ashlyn & Dan Perry of Santa Fe and Dallas, added a beautiful sparkle to the evening.  If anybody is convincing of how exciting and entertaining the world of opera is, it is Dan and Ashlyn Perry. Also in attendance were fabulous new clients,  Sonya & Hank Grant and their friends.

When I host a dinner at my home,  I love when my guests pitch in to help stir the pot. Just like in the gallery. We shared lively conversations about art, music and world travel.

Santa Fe is fortunate to have the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Over 3 million people have visited this jewel of a museum since it’s inception in 1997. Who could ask for better neighbors. But then there’s also the Santa Fe School of Cooking, right across from my front door. We love them. What an incredible creative street we are.