22 Karat Gold Leafed & Oil Vessels

Who doesn’t love gold? Glitter of the gods. The glow which draws us in.  My Aunt, Frankie Bunyard was a world renowned calligrapher and gilder from England. Her passion and expertise inspired me beyond belief.

Curves and weaves captivate.  It’s the anticipation of what will become, the story about to be told.   Clients love to see me throw immensely large bowls on the wheel, then transform the shape into a wave. I invite them to place a hand upon mine…so we may make waves and curves together from the clay. Clients and collectors exult with the creations they have made.

I use 22-karat gold leaf on the interior of nearly all of my large vessels. It makes them completely glow from within. In addition, I now place this gold leaf on the back footing of all my platters. It is in this area where I sign and date all my wall works of art. People ask me why I place precious gold leaf there, where it meets only the wall. My explanation is this: Often we cannot see the goodness in someone. We pray that it is there. This is my analogy for finding the light, and finding that good. Beyond the golden glow, I’ve discovered that certain red oils turn into brilliant candy apple red over gold leaf.