Ceramic Repair & Restoration


I love to restore all types of ceramics. Art work from any region, age, size, or type of damage is fine. I adore a great challenge!

A detailed Condition Report and contract will be written assessing the complexity of the damage and estimated time and cost to complete the full restoration. We will discuss the best options to proceed.

  • Photographs are taken upon delivery, evidencing the damage. I also take shots during the restoration process, and upon completion.
  • I will use the correct adhesive(s) for areas to be glued and restored. I then infill, gently sand, and where necessary, paint to match the color(s) and varnish, if called for.
  • Wherever needed, I will rebuild and recreate missing and/or damaged areas. I specialize in gluing severely broken art. The restored areas will be painted to replicate the original patina or polychromed surface.
  • Should you not wish to transport your damaged piece to my gallery, due to fragility or permanent installation, I can come on site for restoration.
  • A thorough cleaning of the object will also be completed.

For me, it is the same successful feeling as mastering a complex puzzle. My gallery and studio is near the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, directly across from the Santa Fe School of Cooking. Free parking behind my gallery. 505.660.4585

A Broken Eva Hild sculpture

TESTIMONIAL: Eva Hild Repair

“I had a number of ceramic works of art shipped from Wisconsin to Santa Fe, NM, as I was moving my extensive collection of contemporary ceramics to a new house. Despite having hired a reputable packer, I was horrified to learn that my delicate and complex Eva Hild porcelain sculpture arrived broken in (9) pieces. To my great relief, I discovered Heidi Loewen Fine Art & Ceramic Restoration in Santa Fe. Not only is she a fine porcelain and metal sculptor, but a talented ceramic restoration artist as well. It was as if she turned back time, returning the broken work of art to its original appearance.

From the moment I brought this piece into her Gallery and Studio, she assured me this would be a challenging and beautiful sculpture to restore. She thoroughly described the work that needed to be done, and when to expect the completed restoration. Loewen did not disappoint. I was astonished to see the completed restoration. At that point, I asked her: “Where in the world did you fix this?” I could not find a single flaw! She shared that this is the most gratifying question a collector can pose.

Since this experience, I have brought several more works of art which needed her tender loving care. It does not matter how complicated the break, the age of the piece, nor the number of pieces. She puts everything back together again.”

Perfect Again!